Specialists in SME Marketing Strategy

Amide Digital specialises in digital marketing and strategy for SME’s. As an SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprise) ourselves, we understand the struggles and needs of small businesses. We provide bespoke digital marketing services and management consultancy that will suit individual needs of your business. Each digital marketing service can be tailored to work with your existing business strategy to help you reach your goals and provide meaningful results.


Result Driven Digital Marketing Agency

Our main goal is to provide results that matter to our clients. Thats why we like data and tangible results thats can be used to track performance over time. This allows us to ensure that the services we provide, and the money our clients spend is being put to the best possible use.


Our Process

Our 4 step work process ensures that project delivery is completed with high quality and with minimum delays.

Research and Planning

We conduct thorough research to understand our client, their industry and most importantly the project brief so that we can identify the deliverable and or any issues that need resolving.

Quote Cost and Deliverables

We can then provide an accurate quote for the project and provide a detailed timeline for the deliverable.

Project Execution

At each checkpoint in the timeline we review the progress providing detailed reports to ensure we are on par with the expectations of our clients.

Delivery and Ongoing Support

Once the project is completed and delivered, we continue to provide campaign management services and ongoing support to ensure long term success.
We specialise in helping SME’s with online marketing and strategy. Get in touch to find out how we can help you too.