Now You Can Mute Remarketing Ads on Google! Another Major Change in the World of Digital Marketing.


So What Does this Mean for Everyday Users?

I am sure everyone has noticed those pesky ads that follow you around across websites and advertise something that you may have seen weeks ago on a mobile device while commuting to work or even better yet actually purchased, yet you keep seeing this product advertised over and over again.  Google has just announced that they will enable users to mute these display advertisements if the user feels they are irrelevant or unnecessary.

So why do advertisers repeatedly target you? Well these remarketing ads also known as ‘reminder ads’ are actually a useful advertising tool if used in a reasonable manner. Say for example, you were thinking of buying something and added it to your basket, but something came up and you completely forgot about this potential purchase. Advertisers can use your prior activity to remind you about that product. However, rather than forgetting about it, it is also possible that you may have actually changed your mind and do not wish to be reminded of this product anymore. Now you have the facility to mute the ad.

Mute Ads across devices for 90 Days


*Image by Google 

Technically speaking this feature is actually not new per say. It has been around since 2012 when they first introduced the small ‘x’ above ads (to close) and an opportunity to provide feedback as to why it was irrelevant to them. To quote Google’s Group Product Manager from his blog post, “Millions of people use Mute this Ad on a daily basis, and in 2017, we received more than 5 billion pieces of feedback telling us that you mute ads that aren’t relevant. We incorporated that feedback by removing 1 million ads from our ad network based on your comments”.

The new addition to this existing feature is that you can now mute this ad for 90 days across devices for all websites that partner with Google. All you have to simply do is sign in to your Google account and remove any ad you don’t like. In addition, you can also review your information available to advertisers in Googles Ad Settings. You can then select which ads to mute to not see them again (well at least for 90 days).

As long as you are signed into your Google account your preference will be synced across all your devices. So, if you mute an ad on your phone, you won’t see it again on your computer. In addition, Google are also extending this feature to apps and many more partner websites. In the future, Google have also planned to sync this feature in its other services such as Gmail and YouTube.

So What Does This Mean for Marketers?

With over 5 billion ads being muted in 2017 it stands to reason that marketers aren’t in general serving relevant ads.  This change will definitely get advertisers and marketers to rethink their digital marketing strategies on how to target potential customers more effectively. Google’s Adword platform enables advertisers to cap the maximum number of times a display ad is served. Using this feature will help reduce the repeat bombardment of the same ad and might actually decrease the chance of the said ad getting muted. Second, but equally importantly, advertisers should exclude individuals who have purchased your product. No one wants to see an ad for something they have already purchased! The world of digital marketing is ever changing with rapid changes in technologies and delivery platforms, more recently with the alterations regarding news feed on Facebook and now with the Google’s Ad update. However, this is what makes it exciting and challenging playing field and I for one love a good challenge.

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